It must be FATE!!!

This is a story of how, girl finally meets boy! 26 years ago, on the beautiful island of GUAM, A story of likes, love, laughs, hate, cries, friendship, and family unfolds. Till this day, they share the same journey!

It was October 93′, I invited my boyfriend to my birthday party, but wasn’t sure if he would make it. My parent’s we’re very strict back then, so I didn’t tell them I had a boyfriend at that time, beacuse I wasn’t allowed to date yet. He soon arrives with a couple of his friends, but only stops by for awhile. Him and his friends hung out across the street, my boyfriend never entered the party because he was scared, except for this one guy and his friend! I didn’t know his name or even knew who he was! I see him going towards the bar trying to grab a beer, but my uncle said, “No, your under age!” He starts talking to my cousin and I… He asks, “who’s party is this?” I said, “it’s mine!” We talked for awhile, but don’t recall what it was about. He then, started hanging out with people he knew at the party. Minutes later, him, my boyfriend, and all their friends left. I still didn’t know his name!!

Months later, I go to a party at MogFog, a village where my uncle’s live and a riot breaks out, the cops we’re coming so we all ran to my uncle’s house to hide. Alot of my uncle’s friends we’re there too, so we decided to go on top of the roof to see what’s happening, and as I’m going up the ladder, I see my uncle, his friend (I had a crush on), and the guy from my party. We we’re all talking about the riot and how everything happened so fast, but my ride came, so I left! My uncle calls me the next day and says, “my friend wants your number?” I asked, “who?” He replies, “the guy on the roof!” I asked, “is it the guy I like?” He said, “No, my other friend, are you still going out with your boyfriend?” I tell my uncle, “No, but don’t give him my number…my dad might get mad!” At the same time my heart is beating fast and I’m shocked that a cute, bad boy, like him would be interested in me! Yet, I still didn’t know his name!

A couple more months later, after school, I went to a convenience store to buy something and it happened to be the place where my uncle and his friends hang out. As I’m leaving I say, “bye” to my uncle, and I see the guy from the roof who wanted my number. I start feeling nervous, because I have to walk by him to get into the car, so I smiled at him and I left.

A week later, my uncle calls me and says, “my friend keeps bugging me for your number, so I gave it to him.” At that moment I’m scared and happy at the same time, because I’m worried I might get in trouble, but happy he likes me. From then on, I start having feelings for him..

Then, later that day my phone is ringing, I answer and say, “Hello….!!!”

To be continued…

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